Dayton Nursery 2018 Plant Catalog

The never ending strive for excellence and continuing improvement has not stalled us in 2018! This year brings changes and improvements to the nursery including a spectacular wooden staircase, a fully re-designed website, the fourth and final set of solar panels, a new bulk product by customer request plus over 200 brand new plant varieties. What once was a confusing and daunting task, entering the Wolf Creek Botanical Garden is now simple and accessible with the new wooden staircase structure built by our friends at JRS Lawn & Landscape. The stairs, which will lead down to the lower lawn area from the Owl Barn, are constructed from treated landscape ties and decking material. Expanded use of beneficial insects and biological controls in the greenhouses are again under way this spring. Predatory mites and nematodes take over the job usually relied upon chemicals to keep harmful pests under control. We are hoping that more and mo re greenhouses consider beneficials so that these harmful pesticides become a thing of the past. To save time, money and effort here at the nursery, plus with the request from customers, Dear Friends,

we have finally added bulk pine bark mulch and soil conditioner to our extensive list of available products. This product will not only be available for customers but is a main component of our tree, shrub and perennial planting mix. This chipped mulch will help to retain moisture, lower soil pH and add organic matter to improve soil. It is the perfect addition for new trees, evergreens, Azalea, Rhododendron & more. In addition to our other improvements, many months were spent re-designing our website! It is mobile friendly with easier navigation plus now includes The Perfect Plant online module which includes a plant, bug and weed finder filled with extensive amounts of data and pictures. Plus, you can search by growing variables such as mature height, sunlight, select attributes and more! A digital, flippable version of our catalog plus live availability can also be found at Finally, be sure to check out over 200 new plant varieties here at Dayton’s this spring and summer. We are especially excited about the new At Last Rose, the West Country series of Lupines from the U.K. and the new Hot Cakes™ collection of Ice Plants from well-known breeder Chris Hansen. Come and check out all that we have to offer this spring. Happy planting!


Our fourth and final set of solar panels is scheduled to be installed early this summer. The panels maximum production from mid-spring through September will generate power needed for air conditioners, compressor motors, the pump for the waterfall flowing downhill from the Owl Barn and normal operation of lights and computers. By the year 2020, all electric meters at the nursery are scheduled to be offset by solar power.

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