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Allium ‘Serendipity’

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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Table of Contents PERENNIALS

3 - 150

j Full Sun (5+ hours of sun per day) p Partial Sun/ Shade (3-4 hours of sun) i Partial to Full Shade (2 or less hours of sun) % Deciduous (Sheds leaves in the fall) a Evergreen 9 Blooms All Season


151 - 164




166 - 174 175 - 197 198 - 305 306 - 307 308 - 314 315 - 320 321 - 329





# Edible Plant * Fast Growing \ Foot Friendly h Fragrant k Ground Cover 3 Heat Tolerant u Long Blooming 8 Low Maintenance & Native Plant q Rabbit Resistant = Salt Tolerant ` Slow Growing [ Slug Resistant 6 Vigorous v Water Garden r Water’s Edge


0 Spring Bloomer ? Summer Bloomer 4 Fall Bloomer b Attracts Butterflies l @ Attracts Pollinators 1 Attracts Songbirds $ Award Winning . Climbing Vine m Cold Tolerant t Container d Cut Flowers e Deer Resistant f Dried Flower/ Foliage 2 Drought Tolerant

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Bloom & Grow is a registered trademark of Dayton Nurseries, Inc. and a symbol for quality assurance in Azaleas. Most are propagated and grown right here at the nursery in Norton, Ohio so you know they are ready for our long and harsh Ohio winters. The experts at Dayton Nursery have been growing Azaleas since 1973! Bloom & Grow



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BB Balled & Burlapped STD On Standard PW Proven Winner Pot


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Meet Our Design Team

Landscape Design Whether it’s a patio, a privacy screen, an all-summer color garden or a simple foundation planting, you ready to explore options for your home. With our step-by-step process, we can help you realize your vision with 3 distinctly different service offerings to suit your needs. PREMIUM LANDSCAPE PLAN This plan is for more complex landscapes or for those who feel more comfortable having a designer take control of all aspects of the planning. What is included? A home visit by the designer to discuss the full scope of your project and to take necessary measurements and pictures, a full scale professional design plus a scheduled walk-through presentation at the nursery to explain the plan and show the plant material. Cost: Begins at $275 which includes the home visit and scheduled walk-through presentation. $85.00 per hour is then charged to complete the design and quote. Design costs will vary depending on complexity and development time. COMPLETE LANDSCAPE PLAN A project that requires a complete, but not complex foundation planting, whether it is new construction or renovation. Utilize this type of design to meet your needs while keeping costs down. Customer is required to provide all measurements and pictures. What is included? A professional design that is either hand drawn or computer generated, a scheduled presentation of the design at the nursery with the designer or knowledgeable staff member plus a cost estimate for plants, material, and installation, if applicable. Cost: By providing all pertinent information for your project, we are able to provide a comprehensive, to-scale design at a lower flat cost of $300.00. A pre-set appointment time with a designer is required for the complete landscape plan. QUICK LANDSCAPE A very popular service, this plan asks you to supply all measure ments and pictures. What is included? A fast yet fully functional landscape plan with basic symbols. It may be rough scale or fully to scale depending on the area and information provided. Plus, a cost estimate for plants and materials. Cost: This is a FREE service that is limited in scope but very effective for most design needs as long as clear color photo graphs are provided with accurate dimensions and the identification of the direction North.

A Dayton Nursery team member for over 20 years, Jeff is our in-house landscape designer specializing in small scale design. His extensive plant knowledge and years of experience give you the reassurance of a plan that will work for you and your home for years to come. If you provide a few images and some dimensions, Jeff will draw a colorful, 4-season design that will fit your needs. Our newest designer has a back ground in Art and Design, a wide knowledge of plants, and a lifetime of gardening experience. Karen is a self-avowed plant geek who loves to create visually compelling plant combinations for attractive and interesting landscape designs. In business since 2004, Jeff Smith of JRS Lawn & Landscape is a ICPI certified hardscape installer and certified in landscape design, ponds, water features and tier one low voltage lighting. Because of the quality of their work, JRS has become our main installation company. Let Jeff & his professional crew install the landscape you’ve always wanted.

Jeff Hemlick

Karen Gray

Jeff Smith

Advice and know-how to make your investment grow thrives at Dayton Nurseries as the plant business is our only business. Not only does our advice pertain to landscaping, but covers the areas of lawn problems, insects and disease, fertilizing, proper trimming and much more!

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With over 800 varieties of perennials stocked, we are sure to have the right plant for you! Most of the perennials are grown right here at the nursery, assuring you zone hardy plants for your garden. Perennials add to the never ending palette of colors, textures, forms and even fragrance available for the home landscape. And, because different perennials bloom at different times, you can create a dynamic garden that changes for years and years to come. Perennials Nurseries

Goldie Large flat-headed golden yellow flowers bloom late spring to midsummer. Dense, clumping silver green foliage matures at 6 to 8 inches tall and 8 to 12 inches wide. 021468 C1 $6.99 Little Moonshine This is a shorter version of the classic ‘Moonshine’ and features bright canary-yellow clusters of flow ers. Leaves form a non-spreading silvery-grey clump. Outstanding and carefree, perfect for small gardens and containers. Height: 12-14”, Spread: 14-16” 000010 C1 $8.99 Milly Rock™ Red Include flowers with different shapes and textures to add interest to any border. The bright red flow ers with yellow centers of Achillea Milly Rock Red form flattened clusters on compact fern-like foliage. Flowers will age to a soft pink. Height: 10-12”, Spread: 10-12” 030775 C1 $7.99 New Vintage™ Red zones 4-9 Showy, antique red, flat-top flower clusters with creamy white eyes over compact, ferny, green foliage. Height: 12-14”, Spread: 10-12” 027150 C1 $7.99

Acanthus Spiny Bear’s Breeches j p 8 ? t d e f q Excellent for cutting, fresh or dried. Plants dislike wet soil during the winter months. May be divided or moved in spring, and any root pieces left in the ground will grow into new little plants. Bear’s-breeches are bold specimen plants, very popular with landscape designers. This species forms a clump of deeply cut and rather spiny dark green leaves, bearing upright spikes of hooded, mauve and white flowers in summer Height: 35 47”, Spread: 29-35” 026858 C1 $12.99 Avail. 10-1 Achillea Yarrow j d e q b 2 h k ? u One of the easiest perennials to grow and a good choice for beginners. Keep this plant out of heavy moist soils, divide every 2 years in spring or fall and remove spent flowers to ensure months of color. After flowers fade, cut plant back by half to stimulate a second flush of bloom. Perfect for areas that are dry and hot. Ferny green leaves. Blooms early to mid summer. Zones 3-8 unless otherwise stated. Desert Eve™ Yellow Among the earliest flowering Achillea on the mar ket! Lemon-yellow flowers held above a compact mound of ferny foliage. Height: 14-18” 032858 C1 $10.99 Firefly Diamond Ivory white flowers contrast beautifully with its dark green foliage. Upright, columnar habit. Flowers remain attractive as they age. Height: 24-28”, Spread: 32-40” 028930 PW1 $12.99 Firefly Peach Sky Light peachy orange flowers age to yellow. Mature and new flowers create a blend of colors, much like you would find on a peach fruit. Tall, upright habit. Height: 32-36”, Spread: 28-32” 028193 PW1 $12.99 Firefly Sunshine One of the very best Yarrows for lasting color throughout the summer. Bright yellow flowers con trast with dark gray green foliage. Height: 28-30”, Spread: 24-28” 028194 PW1 $12.99 spinosus zones 6-9

Photo courtesy of Green Leaf Plants®


‘Little Moonshine’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘New Vintage™ Red’

‘Firefly Diamond’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Growing Colors


‘Firefly Peach Sky’

‘Desert Eve™ Yellow’


Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Firefly Sunshine’

‘Milly Rock™ Red’


4 - 4 -

New Vintage™ Violet zones 4-8

Photo courtesy of Aris Hort

Agapanthus African Lily j ? d Typically grown in warmer zones, but Walters Gar dens, Inc. is pleased to introduce two vigorous varieties that are hardy to zone 6! They're out of this world with globular clusters that are produced on tall stems over large, rounded clumps of foliage. Little Galaxy zones 6-10 With its proportionate compact habit and floriferous nature, you can rely on this perennial to perform. Despite its shorter habit, the globes of indigo blue flowers are just as big as its taller companions. Height: 22-26”, Spread: 24-28” 028495 C1 $19.99 Agastache Mexican Giant Hyssop or Hummingbird Mint j e b 2 l d ? Deadheading isn’t necessary as you can trim back old flower stems if you feel they are unsightly. This plant is well-adapted to thrive in dry soils and is right at home in rock gardens where it will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and honey bees. Zones 5-10 unless otherwise stated. Blue Boa zones 5-10 This beauty produces luxurious, deep violet-blue flower spikes held over ultra-green foliage. Height: 30-36”, Spread: 24” 020781 C1 $7.99 Kudos Ambrosia zones 5-10 Cheerful, carefree, summer-long color for beds, borders or containers. This prolific new compact hybrid has impeccable habit, increased hardiness, disease resistance and tolerance of wet, cold soils. Height: 16-20”, Spread: 12-16” 032098 C1 $7.99 Kudos Coral zones 4-9 Coral colored plumes are dense with a sweet hon ey-mint scent. Height: 20-24”, Spread: 16” 024410 C1 $6.99 Little Adder Tons of violet blooms will last most of the summer into fall atop fragrant licorice-scented foliage. Height: 15-18”, Spread: 18-24” 025242 C1 $7.99 Poquito™ Butter Yellow Showy dense heads of butter yellow flowers from spring to fall. With its low, compact, bushy habit, POQUITO™ Butter Yellow make a great border perennial, container color spot, or use in mixed beds. Height: 10-14”, Spread: 14-16” 030788 C1 $7.99 Poquito™ Orange A dense, bushy habit and long blooming, clear orange flowers. Beautiful and long lived. Height: 12-15”, Spread: 15” 028944 C1 $7.99 Tango This fragrant, edible selection is both beautiful and useful for making anise tea. Fiery orange flowers appear for many months atop the aromatic, grey green foliage. Compact in habit. Height: 12-18”, Spread: 12-16” 018675 C1 $6.99

This compact variety holds its tidy plant habit with a bold, violet red tightly held flowers that keeps its color longer into the summer. Reflowers very well for a Yarrow. Height: 12-14”, Spread: 10-12” 026071 C1 $7.99 Peter Cottontail Has a look that's reminiscent of Baby's Breath, with large, ivory white flowers that are produced over a low, mounding habit of green foliage. Compared to millefolium types, the flower clusters are more singular and well-spaced-great for adding texture to the garden! Height: 18-24”, Spread: 28” 029971 C1 $6.99 Sassy Summer Taffy zones 3-8 Dark salmon pink flowers are produced on a dense, upright habit. As the flowers age, the color lightens to pink. Height: 26-32”, Spread: 22-26” 027149 C1 $12.99 Aconitum Monkshood j p d ? e q Aconitum prefers to be grown in partial shade but will tolerate full sun if plenty of moisture is availa ble. The soil should also be amended with gener ous amounts of compost and peat moss to give it a slight acidity. They are slow to increase and won't need to be divided often. Aconitums are highly resistant to diseases and pests, partially because they are very poisonous. USE CAUTION when handling this plant and wear gloves. Zones 4-8 fisheri Upright spikes of lavender-blue flowers from late summer to early fall when few other blue flowers are in bloom. Each individual flower is shaped like a little helmet or hood, thus the common name. Height: 18-24”, Spread: 12-18” 027151 C1 $7.99 Acorus Sweetflag j p e r Grow sweetflag in moist to wet soils in full sun or bright shade. It is a vigorous spreader in wet soils and works well for retaining soil at the edge of a stream or pond. Zones 3-6 americanus A wetland perennial with broad blade-like foliage resembling that of Iris versicolor. It can be identi fied easily by breaking the foliage, which is unique ly aromatic. Height: 2-3’, Spread: 2-3’ 030187 C1 $7.99 gramineus Minimus Aureus This dwarf Acorus creates a beautiful mat of bright green and gold. It is a colorful plant that grows in sun with moist-wet conditions (not standing water); it appreciates afternoon shade in very hot climates. If planted in part shade, can tolerate somewhat drier soil, but it is best not to let it dry out as the leaf tips may suffer. Only four inches tall, it spreads slowly by rhizomes, which makes it a superb ground cover for damp areas. Height: 3-4”, Spread: 4-6” 027685 C2 $16.99 Avail. 8-1 gramineus Ogon - Not Pictured Golden Variegated Sweet Flag creates a beautiful mat of bright green and gold and that’s plenty of color to jazz up shady spots or moist, sunny areas . Height: 6-12”, Spread: 6-12” 031631 C2 $16.99 Avail. 8-1

‘New Vintage™ Violet’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Peter Cottontail’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Sassy Summer Taffy’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens


Photo courtesy of North Creek


gramineus ‘Minimus Aureus’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Little Galaxy’

5 - -


Photo courtesy of Terra Nova

‘Blue Boa’

‘Kudos Ambrosia’


Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Terra Nova

‘Kudos Coral’

Poquito™ Butter Yellow’

‘ Little Adder’

Photo courtesy of Stonehouse Nursery

Photo courtesy of Stonehouse Nursery

‘Poquito™ Orange’


6 - 6 -

‘Blueberry Muffin

Ajuga Bugleweed j p i q e b 1 k 0 Rapid growing ground cover with upright flowers blooming April through May. Spreads vigorously and is thus recommended for filling large areas like banks and hillsides. It also makes a great under planting for a number of Hosta varieties. Prefers partial to full shade but will grow in sun if constant moisture is provided. Zones 3-9 Black Scallop zones 5-10 Small-scale groundcover has glossy, near-black, scalloped leaves and a dense habit. Short (4-6") spikes of deep blue flowers stand upright above the low, spreading foliage. Forms a neat carpet of rounded leaves splashed with creamy yellow and celadon green, becoming infused with rose tones in cooler weather. Short spikes of blue flowers appear in mid to late spring. Height: 6”, Spread: 18” 022422 C1 $7.99 Burgundy Glow The tri-color foliage: cream, pink and burgundy, is a show stopping comple ment to the medium blue flowers that bloom abundantly in mid and late spring. Can be planted in any type of shade but it does best in part shade. Height: 6”, Spread: 6-10” 000023 C1 $4.99 026719 flat/48 $35.99 Elmblut - Not Pictured The formation of deep dark leaves frequently come with a wonderful con trast to the rest of green. The bright blue flowers stand out wonderfully. Height: 2-4”, Spread: 8-10” 028934 C1 $6.99 Golden Glow Forms a neat carpet of rounded leaves splashed with creamy yellow and celadon green, becoming infused with rose tones in cooler weather. Short spikes of blue flowers appear in mid to late spring. Protect from hot after noon sun. Height: 4-6”, Spread: 8-10” 021432 C1 $7.99 Pink Lightning This variety forms a low, spreading mat of soft mint green, crinkly textured leaves with a distinct creamy white edge. Short, bubblegum pink flower spikes are produced in mid to late spring. Grow under large trees where 012682 C1 $7.99 032042 C2 $12.99 Blueberry Muffin zones 5-9

‘Burgundy Glow’

‘Black Scallop’

‘Golden Glow’

grass is hard to establish. Height: 4-6”, Spread: 8-12”

022522 C1 $7.99

Princess Nadia zones 4-9

This reblooming Ajuga will have intense purple-blue flowers in early spring and then again in summer, foliage is variegated and the new shoots are beautiful pink colored, low maintenance. Height: 6-8”, Spread: 10-12” 028378 C1 $12.99

‘Pink Lightning’

‘Princess Nadia’

7 - -

Feathered Friends™ Collection zones 4-9

These beauties are winter hardy, offer year round color, low maintenance care and would love to be paired with whatever colors you can dream up. Cordial Canary Brilliant gold foliage in the spring and summer is topped with cobalt-blue flowers on this vigorous groundcover. Height: 4”, Spread: 18”

‘Fancy Finch’

029612 P4½ $4.99 029619 C1 $8.99

Photo courtesy of Garden Solutions

Fancy Finch Amazingly showy TRI-COLORED small-leaved Ajuga! Height: 4”, Spread: 18”

029613 P4½ $4.99 029620 C1 $8.99

‘Fierce Falcon’

Fierce Falcon Brilliant glossy purple foliage that’s shiny when wet! Height: 4”, Spread: 18”

029614 P4½ $4.99 029621 C1 $8.99

Photo courtesy of Garden Solutions

Noble Nightingale Darker purple and extremely GLOSSY foliage! Height: 4”, Spread: 18”

029615 P4½ $4.99 029622 C1 $8.99

‘Noble Nightingale’

Parrot Paradise Stunning tri-color leaves of bright yellow, orange, and red on this new ultra-hardy hybrid Ajuga. Plants are topped in spring with beautifully contrasting cobalt flowers. Height: 6”, Spread: 24” 029623 C1 $8.99 Petite Parakeet Orange central veins & buff colored small- leaved Ajuga! Height: 4”, Spread: 18” 029624 C1 $8.99 Pleasant Pheasant From burnished copper to crimson and gold, this new for 2022 Feathered Friend is a color show sure to dazzle. Height: 4”, Spread: 18” Tropical Toucan The world’s first GOLD big-leaved Ajuga with vividly contrasting cobalt blue flowers! Height: 4”, Spread: 18” 029625 C1 $8.99 031768 P4½ $4.99 031767 C1 $8.99

Photo courtesy of Garden Solutions

‘Petite Parakeet’

‘Parrot Paradise’


Photo courtesy of Garden Solutions

Photo courtesy of Garden Solutions

Photo courtesy of Garden Solutions

‘Cordial Canary’

‘Pleasant Pheasant’

‘Tropical Toucan’

8 - 8 -

Alcea Hollyhock j b 1 ?

Recapture the charm of cottage gardens with tower ing spikes of hollyhocks. This is an old-fashioned plant often seen growing alongside older farmhouses where it can reseed freely. May need staking if not planted next to fence or wall. Cut spent flower stems near the ground for best plant growth and re-bloom. Can grow under Black Walnut trees. Biennial. Fiesta Time zones 4-9 This vibrant seed selection produces relatively short spikes of double, cerise pink, fringed blossoms be ginning in midsummer. Height: 36”, Spread: 18-24” 015375 C1 $6.99 Halo Series zones 3-8 From the breeding work of Thompson & Morgan comes this new series of hollyhocks that was 16 years in the making. These varieties were selected for their large, single, bicolor flowers. Each displays a prominent, contrasting lighter or darker colored halo in the center of the flower. Members of this series form a bushy clump of rugose green foliage with tall spikes carrying large, colorful blossoms in early to midsummer. Height: 5-6’, Spread: 18-24” Halo Cerise 026072 C1 $6.99 Cerise pink flowers with a deep purple halo. Las Vegas zones 3-9 “Like the bright colorful lights of Las Vegas”, this mixed color strain of fig leaf hollyhocks bears large, saucer-shaped flowers in unique shades of red, cop per, chestnut brown, yellow, pink, and white over a long period beginning in early summer. Height: 5-6’, Spread: 18-24” 026826 C1 $7.99 SPOTLIGHT™ Series zones 3-9 A true perennial hollyhock which flowers the first year! Single colorful flowers bloom on tall stately stalks all summer. Height: 60-72” Mars Magic 017170 C1 $7.99 Bright red, single flowers. Queeny Purple zones 2-9 Continuous blooms all summer, unique 3-4" double purple flowers have larger frilly outer petals and smaller quilted inner petals, longest blooming hollyhock. Height: 20-30”, Spread: 12-18” 014262 C1 $6.99 Alchemilla Lady’s Mantle j p d q e k ? Lady’s Mantle is an old-fashioned flower that is still very popular today. Its fuzzy, cupped leaves hold glistening droplets of water . It blooms in sprays of dainty, yellow flowers in late spring and summer. Gold Strike zones 3-9 Deeply lobed velvety gray-green foliage on a nice, low-growing, compact plant. Chartreuse flowers bloom late spring to early summer and are often used as filler in bouquets. Tolerates full sun to full shade and prefers moist areas. Height: 12” 018642 C1 $6.99

‘Fiesta Time’

‘Halo Cerise’

Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

‘Las Vegas’

Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

‘Mars Magic’

‘Queeny Purple’

‘Gold Strike’

9 - -

Allium Nodding Onion j p e d ? ONIONS, shallots and garlic are members of the allium family, but there are many ornamental alliums that deserve a hearty welcome in your gardens. Zones 4-8 unless otherwise stated. Lavender Bubbles Nearing the end of summer, this beautiful perennial brings life to a garden with its beautiful bubble shaped flowers. Dark dusty purple flower globes are produced above attractive glaucous blue-green foliage. Height: 12-14”, Spread: 20-22” 027148 C1 $12.99 Millennium 2018 Perennial Plant Asso. Plant of the Year® It forms a compact, upright clump of glossy green, strappy leaves which emit a light smell of onion when crushed. In summer, a profusion of 2”, rosy purple, tight rounded clusters of flowers appear on strong stems. Height: 15-20”; Spread: 10-15” 022616 C1 $12.99 Pink Planet Very large 2-3", dense globes packed with powder pink flowers stand upright on strong stems above a mass of aromatic, twisting blades of glaucous gray green foliage; great architectural plant. Height: 18 24”, Spread: 15-18” 030040 C1 $14.99 Avail. 10-1 Serendipity Globe-like, rosy-purple flowers top attractive blue foliage. Height: 15-20”, Spread: 10-15” 028039 PW1 $12.99 Summer Peek-a-Boo Lavender pink, spherical blooms just at the top of its green, upright, strappy foliage. It has perfect presentation in containers and is a great choice for gardeners looking for pollinator-friendly, low water use plants. Height: 8-12”, Spread: 18-24” 030041 C1 $9.99 Windy City 2" Round violet-purple flowers that appear in mid summer, dark purple stems add color when not in bloom, clumping habit, very drought tolerant, seed heads persist for winter interest. Height: 15-18”, Spread: 15-18” 027181 C1 $12.99 Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily j p e Majestic Louis zones 5-9 Blazing, deep orange flowers with a yellow central splash and burgundy "whisker" marks. Fresh, grass-green foliage. Height: 12-24”, Spread: 18” 032763 C1 $14.99 Alyssum Madwort j 0 h a b e 2 Grows best when planted in dry, porous/gritty soils that are well-drained. Plants should be cut back after flowering. Zones 3-9 Golden Spring It forms a low, trailing mound or cushion of grey green leaves, bearing masses of golden-yellow flowers in mid to late spring. Height: 6”, Spread: 12-18” 023814 C1 $8.99

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Lavender Bubbles’


Photo courtesy of Stonehouse Nursery

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Pink Planet’


Photo courtesy of Stonehouse Nursery

‘Summer Peek-a-Boo’

‘Windy City’

‘Golden Spring’

‘Majestic Louis’

10 - 10 -

Spring Beauty The first ever pink spring blooming Anemone! Hot pink flowers are held above very upright growing foliage, flowers are sterile so they won't re-seed, works well in containers or borders. Height: 18” 028394 C1 $14.99 Lightly fragrant, yellow-centered, white flowers are borne above the soft-textured blue-green foliage on this lovely shade tolerant forest native. Height: 12-18”, Spread: 12+” 000082 C1 $6.99 Wild Swan™ zones 5-8 Unlike the typical Japanese hybrids that only bloom in fall, this Anemone rupicola hybrid blooms from late spring until frost. Huge 3-3½” white flow ers will delight you with their lilac-blue bands on the backside. Height: 20”, Spread: 16” 026525 C1 $16.99 sylvestris zones 2-9

Amsonia Blue Star j p e b ? u Plant it in full sun or partial shade and moist soil of average fertility. Cutting the stems back to within 6-8" of the ground after flowering will result in fuller growth. Zones 3-9 unless otherwise stated. Blue Ice This selection of Amsonia bears gorgeous plump navy blue buds in late spring, opening to vivid periwinkle blue, star-shaped flowers. Bright green, compact, clumping foliage. Adds a billowy, finely textured element to the any landscape. Height: 12 16”, Spread: 12-18” 018008 C1 $12.99 String Theory 'String Theory' can be described as a compact version of the industry standard Amsonia hubrichtii . The compact habit is covered with light periwinkle blue flowers in late spring and has the same bril liant golden orange fall color as you would expect from A. hubrichtii. Height: 18-22”, Spread: 32-36” 031237 PW1 $14.99 hubrichtii 2011 Perennial Plant Asso. Plant of the Year® From late spring thru early summer, 2-3 inch wide clusters of small, light blue, star-shaped flowers are borne above the short mound of ferny foliage. After blooming, it quickly grows to reach a height of about 3 feet. Height: 36”, Spread: 36” 027152 C1 $9.99

Anemone Windflower j p e q d 0 The attractive flower buds bloom late, providing an unexpected show that adds grace to the often tired looking late-summer garden. Maple-like leaves. Zones 4-8 unless otherwise stated. Curtain Call Deep Rose Beginning in late summer, this perennial produces dark rose pink flowers that are positioned right above a small mound of green foliage. Spreads slowly through rhizomes. Height: 16”, Spread: 16” 026829 C1 $14.99 Curtain Call Pink Bright rose pink flowers that are positioned right above a small mound of green foliage. The flowers are fuller than single, producing a double row of petals. Height: 14-18”, Spread: 16-18” 028195 C1 $14.99 Honorine Jobert 2016 Perennial Plant Asso. Plant of the Year® Multitude of pure white flowers on graceful, branch ing upright stems for five weeks or more, above a solid clump of dark green deeply cut leaves. Height: 36-48”, Spread: 18-30” 000078 C1 $10.99 Satin Doll™ Blush Abundant, large, dogwood-like flowers held just over the glossy foliage. One of the earliest bloom ing with an extended bloom period. Height: 9-17”, Spread: 17” 030787 C1 $12.99


‘Satin Doll™ Blush’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

‘Blue Ice’

‘Spring Beauty’

‘Curtain Call Deep Rose’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘String Theory’

‘Curtain Call Pink’


Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Wild Swan™’

‘Honorine Jobert’


11 - 1 -

Antirrhinum Snapdragon j p ? b 2 t hispanicum Roseum zones 6-9 A perennial snap dragon from Spain with silvery-blue, fuzzy succulent foliage and shell pink snap dragon flowers throughout the summer. Height: 12-16”, Spread: 12-16” 028855 C1 $9.99 Aquilegia Columbine j p b e q 1 d 0 ? The flowers on this plant will reach a height of 3 times that of the foliage. Plant a wide variety of these plants and see what interesting and natural hybrids may develop. Blooms May through June. Alpine Blue zones 2-9 This species features bright violet-blue flowers over a compact mound of ferny grey-green foliage. Excellent for cutting. Since Columbines are rela tively short lived, allow some of the plants to go to seed and self sow. Height: 18-23”, Spread: 10-12” 027237 C1 $7.99 Earlybird™ Series zones 3-8 Large bicolor flowers. Spring blooms occur on short stems just above the low mounding foliage. Prefers part sun. Height: 10”, Spread: 8-10” Purple & Blue 029831 C1 $7.99 Purple & Yellow 029832 C1 $7.99 Red & Yellow 029833 C1 $7.99 Tequila Sunrise zones 5-8 This irresistible variety has brilliantly colored, dis tinctive nodding flowers. Tequila Sunrise are bright red to copper-red, orange with golden yellow cen ters, produced in profusion at the end of many branches. Height: 28”, Spread: 10-12” 032241 C1 $7.99 Avail. 7-15

‘Earlybird™ Purple & Blue’


‘Earlybird™ Purple & Yellow’


‘Earlybird™ Red’ & Yellow’

‘Alphine Blue’

‘Earlybird™ Purple & Yellow’

12 - 12 -

Arabis Wall Cress j a e h q 2 These require good drainage, particularly in the winter months. Shear plants lightly after blooming in order to maintain a bushy, compact habit. Barranca™ Deep Rose zones 4-9 Large amounts of attractive, deep rose blooms on short stems; highly uniform, mounded plants. Rock garden type plant; blooms start of spring. Height: 6 -8”, Spread: 7-8” 031906 C1 $7.99 Catwalk White zones 3-7 Easy growing with superior garden performance. It features loose spreading rosettes of toothed, obo vate, gray-green basal leaves, shorter ovate stem leaves and tiny, 4-petaled, white flowers which bloom in spring. Height: 6-12”, Spread: 1-16” 032099 C1 $7.99 Aralia Japanese Spinkenard p i b e ? This thornless, rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial that typically grows somewhat rapidly to 3-6’ tall and as wide in a single season. Blooms from July to September. cordata Sun King 2020 Perennial Plant Asso. Plant of the Year® zones 3-8 A large shrub-like perennial is grown for its bright golden foliage (lime-green foliage in shade). Tiny white flowers bloom late summer and form purple berries in fall. Height: 3-4’, Spread: 3’



Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

‘Blizzard Compact’

Arenaria Sandwort j e q k

‘Barranca™ Deep Rose’

A cousin of the popular Dianthus genus, Sandwort is still relatively unknown to many gardeners. Their foliage is similar as this plant has narrow, glossy green leaves that form prostrate mats of foliage. It is the perfect substitute for moss in sunny areas. It will quickly fill in the spaces between stepping stones or trail down the sides of rock walls. Blizzard Compact Easy growing with superior garden performance. It features loose spreading rosettes of toothed, obo vate, gray-green basal leaves, shorter ovate stem leaves and tiny, 4-petaled, white flowers which bloom in spring. Height: 4-8”, Spread: 6-10” 031692 C1 $7.99 Armeria Seathrift/Sea Pink j e q 2 = d b 0 Low tufted foliage and globe-shaped flowers. Deadheading will prolong flowering. Blooms May through June. Zones 3-8 maritima Bloodstone It’s bright cherry blossoms are unusually deep in color and its glossy foliage looks great all season long! Height: 10”, Spread: 12” 019803 C1 $10.99 Splendens Tufted evergreen leaves, exceptionally bright car mine rose flowers bloom over a long period in spring. Height: 8-10”, Spread: 9-12” 003776 C1 $7.99


025233 C1 $14.99 029791 C1.5 $19.99

‘Catwalk White’

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‘Sun King’



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Artemisia Wormwood/ Silver Mound j p r e q = 2 4 Some of the most easily grown plants in the world of perennials. They tolerate exposure to sunlight and wind. Well-drained soil is best. stelleriana Mori’s Strain zones 3-9 Silver-white foliage and stems. Deeply serrated leaves with yellow flowers. Height: 6”, Spread: 18 -24” 032267 C1 $7.99 schmiditiana Silver Mound zones 3-8 A non-flowering, fragrant plant whose distinctive dome of lacy, gray aromatic foliage.. It has long been one of the most popular silver foliage plants. Height: 8-10”, Spread: 10-15” 009180 C1 $7.99 Aruncus Goats Beard p i r d ? The foliage is durable and very decorative. Will do best in a shady, moist location. In northern climates, it can be grown in full sun if provided with adequate moisture. Insects and diseases don't seem to bother this plant. Zones 3-7 unless otherwise stated. aethusifolius A miniature Goat's Beard with the same traits as A. dioicus at roughly ⅓ the size. This selection grows only 12" tall with fine, glossy, fern-like foliage. From early to midsummer, plants are adorned with 3-4" long, feathery spikes of creamy white flowers. Height: 12”, Spread: 12 16” 003753 C1 $8.99 Chantilly Lace A part-shade loving perennial that produces beautiful sprays of lacy, cream-colored flowers. A similar look to Astilbe, but more drought tolerant. Height: 30-32”, Spread: 40-48” 026128 PW1 $14.99 dioicus Looking much like a very large white Astilbe, Goat's Beard has similar foliage and feathery, creamy white flower plumes up to 1 ft. long. Though Aruncus tends to be a slow-grower the first couple of seasons, once it is established it puts on a fabulous show year after year. Height: 4-5’, Spread: 3-4’ 000109 C1 $7.99 Fairy Hair Sprays of creamy, triangular flower plumes that age to a darker color. Its foliage adds a whimsical touch to the garden with its needle-like, medium green leaves. Height: 20-24”, Spread: 20-24” 027108 C1 $14.99 Misty Lace zones 4-9 In early summer, large, creamy white, feathery plumes are produced on dark red stems atop compact mounds of astilbe-like foliage. Height: 36-42”, Spread: 18-24” 018010 C1 $14.99

‘Mori’s Strain’

‘Silver Mound’

‘ Chantilly Lace’


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‘ Fairy Hair ’


‘Misty Lace’

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Asclepias Butterfly Flower/Milkweed j p r b e q d ? Zones 3-9. incarnata - Swamp Milkweed Easy growing with superior garden performance. It features loose spreading rosettes of toothed, obo vate, gray-green basal leaves, shorter ovate stem leaves and tiny, 4-petaled, white flowers which bloom in spring. Height: 4-5’, Spread: 2-3’ 032052 C1 $7.99 incarnata Cinderella - Swamp Milkweed Easy to grow butterfly magnet offering 3 months of vanilla scented, rose-pink flowers from mid summer to early fall. Typical milkweed seed pods develop after the flowers have faded. Height: 36-60”, Spread: 12-36” 029432 C1½ $12.99 incarnata Ice Ballet - Swamp Milkweed Similar to ‘Cinderella’ except for flowers in a white color from mid-summer into early fall. Typical milk weed seed pods develop after the flowers fade. Height: 36-60”, Spread: 12-36” 000114 C1½ $12.99 incarnata Soulmate - Swamp Milkweed This forms a tall, upright clump of long green leaves, bearing clusters of cherry-pink flowers with a tiny white center. These have a delightful vanilla fragrance and are a favorite of butterflies. Height: 3 -4’, Spread: 2’ 032764 C1 $6.99 024720 C1½ $10.99 syriaca - Common Milkweed Easy growing with superior garden performance. It features loose spreading rosettes of toothed, obo vate, gray-green basal leaves, shorter ovate stem leaves and tiny, 4-petaled, white flowers which bloom in spring. Height: 3’, Spread: 2-3’ 023815 C1 $7.99 tuberosa - Butterfly Weed 2017 Perennial Plant Asso. Plant of the Year® This Butterfly Weed has brilliant orange-red flowers that are excellent for cutting. Flowers last from early summer to late summer. Deadheading pro motes another bloom cycle. Green fruits develop which rupture to reveal seeds with long, silvery-white, silky hairs just like a typical Milkweed. Height: 24”, Spread: 24” 019873 C1 $10.99 tuberosa Hello Yellow A virtually hassle-free, very long lived perenni al, offers three months of golden yellow blooms from early through late summer. Following the fabulous flowers, green fruits develop which rup ture to reveal seeds with long, silvery-white, silky hairs reminiscent of its cousin, common milkweed. Great to use in dried flower arrangements. Height: 24”, Spread: 24” 014140 C1 $10.99 Aster Hardy Aster j b e q ? Grape Crush zones 3-8 Easy growing with superior garden performance. It features loose spreading rosettes of toothed, obo vate, gray-green basal leaves, shorter ovate stem leaves and tiny, 4-petaled, white flowers which bloom in spring. Height: 26-30”; Spread: 40-44” 029443 C1 $7.99


Save the Monarchs! Monarchs cannot survive without milkweed; their caterpillars only eat milkweed plants, and the butterflies need milkweed to lay their eggs. Planting milkweed is a great way to help other pollinators too, as they provide valuable nectar resources to a diverse suite of bees and butterflies.

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‘Grape Crush’

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‘Ice Ballet’

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‘Ice Ballet’




‘Burgundy Manor’

Astrantia Masterwort p b d r

They are terrific filler plants for the border, mixing espe cially well with coarse foliage plants such as Hosta and Ligularia. Prefers moist, shady areas rich in organic matter. Zones 4-7 Burgundy Manor Burgundy flower clusters appear in summer on red stems above deeply lobed green foliage. Will rebloom and show color for weeks due to the persistent bracts. Height: 24-28”, Spread: 20-24” 029814 C1 $12.99

‘Hello Yellow’

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Astilbe Spirea/ Feather Flower p i e q l d h ? Fluffy spikes on ferny foliage blooming in June and July. Varieties vary in size, shape, bloom color, bloom time and leaf color. The flower heads last longer if they are planted to avoid the afternoon sun. Some have green leaves, other bronze, some are shiny while others have a matte finish.

Plumes: Rose pink, on red stems Foliage: Bright chartreuse yellow Size: 34-38” x 22-28” Provides a bright pop and lacy texture. 021433 C1 $14.99 ‘Amber Moon’

Plumes: Lavender, tall and airy Foliage: Lacy deep green Size: 32-40” x 18-24” Excellent fern-like foliage. 000129 C1 $8.99 ‘Amethyst’

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‘Color Flash’

‘Black Pearls’ Plumes: Purple with a hint of blue Foliage: Dark green Size: 20-28” A later blooming variety. 028365 C1 $8.99

‘Bridal Veil’

Plumes: Pink shades Foliage: Bright green Size: 10” x 18” x 18” blooms Green foliage matures to many shades. 022011 C1 $11.99

Plumes: Classic lacy white Foliage: Deep green and glossy Size: 28” x 18-22” Blooms in early summer. 000133 C1 $12.99

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Plumes: Bright red, upright spires Foliage: Mahogany red to green Size: 20” x 18-20” Gorgeous in mass plantings. 021176 C1 $10.99 - 000142 C2 $14.99 ‘Fanal’

‘Delft Lace’

Plumes: Pure white, open, lacy Foliage: Bold, glossy, deep green Size: 24-30” x 18-24” Great white color for shade! 000138 C2 $14.99

Plumes: Soft apricot pink Foliage: Deep blue-green, waxy Size: 24-36” x 24” Improvement over ‘Peach Blossom’. 018833 C1 $11.99

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‘Fireworks Pink’

‘Heavy Metal’

‘Hot Pearls®’

Plumes: Soft pink Foliage: Glossy, deep green Size: 22-24” x 24” Large plumes of florets on arching stem. 031969 C1 $9.99

Plumes: Cherry–red Foliage: Dark green cut leaf Size: 24-28” Larger flowers compared to other Astilbe. 028368 C1 $8.99

Plumes: Rosy-red Foliage: Bright green foliage Size: 18-24” X 18” Feathery plumes of a bold pop of color 031908 C1 $8.99

Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

‘Ice Cream’ Plumes: Fluorescent soft pink Foliage: Deep green and glossy Size: 30” Mostly erect but on some types arching. 028338 C1 $10.99

‘Lowlands Ruby Red’

‘Key Largo’ Plumes: Raspberry pink Foliage: Finely dissected, kelly green Size: 16-18” x 12” One of the longest blooming astilbes. 012131 C1 $8.99

Plumes: Cherry red Foliage: Deep green and glossy Size: 20-24” Blooms in early summer. 028367 C1 $8.99

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Photo courtesy of Growing Colors

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‘Lowlands White’ Plumes: Plumes of pure white Foliage: Light green Size: 16-20” x 18-24” One of the earliest flowering Astilbe! 031909 C1 $8.99

‘Mighty Pip’

‘Mighty™ Chocolate Cherry’

Plumes: Huge bright pink Foliage: Large, dark green Size: 36-48” x 36-48”

Plumes: Cherry red Foliage: Ferny dark red Size: 36-48” x 24-36” Flowers are held on chocolate-red stems. 027154 C1 $9.99

Blooms early to mid summer 025270 C1 $8.99

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‘Ostrich Plume’

‘Younique™ Silvery Pink’ Plumes: Silvery pink, very thick Foliage: Very compact, green Size: 12-16” x 12-16” Produces more flowers than foliage. 015427 C1 $9.99

Plumes: Purple-red Foliage: Bold, dark green, textured Size: 42” x 18-24” Blooms in midsummer 018755 C1 $8.99 ‘Purple Candles’

Plumes: Rosy-pink, arching Foliage: Bright green, airy Size: 32-36” x 32-36”

Late bloom. Spectacular arching. 000147 C1 $8.99


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‘Razzle Dazzle®’ Plumes: Purplish, dark-rose plumes Foliage: Dark green foliage Size: 22-25” x 24” Upright and mounding habit, bushy. 031907 C1 $8.99

Plumes: Long, pyramidal hot pink Foliage: Strong green stems Size: 27” x 12-18” More solid root structure 013282 C1 $12.99 ‘Rise and Sunshine’

‘Rheinland’ Plumes: Hot pink, large and full Foliage: Glossy, deep green Size: 24” x 24-28” Very floriferous. Most popular pink variety 004927 C2 $14.99

‘Visions Inferno’

Plumes: Soft pink Foliage: Bright green leaves Size: 15-30” x 18-20”

Flowers fade to a apple-green! 026075 C1 $9.99

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Baptisia Blue False Indigo j b d 2 0

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Baptisia australis is native to the prairies of North America, so it is easy to grow and will thrive with little maintenance. There are many potential appli cations in the landscape including meadow plant ings, as a backdrop in borders, or as a specimen. Plants are very long-lived once established. In fall, the seed pods turn charcoal black and make an American Goldfinch Nothing says American like this big, bold, and beautiful native cultivar, which will make a dramatic statement in your garden come late spring. Gor geous, golden yellow flower spikes rise up above its wide habit. Height: 3-3½’, Spread: 4½-5’ 028196 PW2 $19.99 Blue Bubbly Its vase-like habit is topped with densely packed, lavender-blue flowers. The long, 16" flower spikes make for an extended season of bloom. Height: 4 4½’, Spread: 3½-4’ 029656 PW1 $19.99 Burgundy Blast A color break for False Indigo! The shade of purple is redder than the typical purple Baptisia. Dark wine purple flowers are produced over very dark blue-green foliage. When it is in bloom, it is a stun ning display of color. Height: 3-3½’, Spread: 3-3½’ 031236 C1 $14.99 Dark Chocolate Nearly black, charcoal purple flowers, on long flower spikes-up to 27 inches long. The flowers grow well out of the foliage, an improvement on its predecessor. Height: 36-42”, Spread: 36” 027278 PW1 $19.99 Honey Roasted Long 10" spikes of dark mahogany flowers have bright yellow keels, producing a wonderful bicolor effect. Height: 3-3½’, Spread: 3½-4’ 031121 C1 $14.99 Pink Lemonade Soft yellow flowers age to dusty raspberry purple, and both colors appear on the stem at the same time. Charcoal stems really make the colors pop. Height: 36-42”, Spread: 48” 027279 PW1 $19.99 interesting addition to fall bouquets. Zones 4-9 unless otherwise stated.

‘American Goldfinch’

‘Blue Bubbly’


Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘ Dark Chocolate ’

‘Burgundy Blast’

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens


Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens

‘Tasso™ Strawberries & Cream’

Bellis English Daisy j p i e 0 Will do great in light shade with some moisture. Tasso™ Strawberries & Cream zones 4-8 Varying shades of light pink to strawberry, the flowers are fully double. The plant is very compact with short, strong stems! Height: 4-10”, Spread: 8 10” 006747 C1 $6.99

‘Pink Lemonade’

‘Honey Roasted’

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Bergenia Pig Squeak j p i r 0 Tolerates a wide range of lighting, soil and moisture conditions, however the optimum condi tions for these plants are sun, (light shading from Dragonfly™ Sakura The DRAGONFLY™ Series offers a group of plants that features profuse blooms and compact glossy foliage that turns a dark purple in winter. Flowers are pink and semi-double. Height: 10-15”, Spread: 12” 028369 C1 $14.99 Miss Piggy In early spring, a stunning display of bright pink flowers top the thick, dark green, glossy leaves. Compared to 'Sakura', 'Miss Piggy' has more con sistent pink flower color, a larger canopy of foliage, and broader, more substantial leaves. Height: 16 18”, Spread: 28-32” 029657 PW1 $14.99 Bletilla Ground Orchid p i 0 Best grown in organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soil in part shade. Plant corm-like pseudobulbs to 4” deep in spring. Will naturalize over time in optimum growing conditions by short rhizomes. striata zones 5-9 Small, cattleya-like, pinkish-purple flowers (to 1½” long) in 3-7 flowered racemes atop naked scapes typically rising to 18” tall . Height: 12-18”, Spread: 12” 000175 C1 $14.99 hot sun) and moist, rich humus soil. Zones 4-9 unless otherwise stated.

Brunnera False Forget-Me-Not p i r 0

This plant self sows easily, and the resulting seed lings have deep roots. Plant prefers cool summers, protection from wind and partial sun, even though it will grow in full shade. Zones 4-9 unless stated Alexander’s Great zones 4-8 This GIGANTIC Brunnera is heavily silvered, mak ing a dramatic statement in the landscape or use as a dynamic specimen in a container. Compared to 'Jack Frost', it has much larger leaves and a bigger plant size. Height: 14”, Spread: 30” 021952 C1 $15.99 Alexandria zones 4-9 Alexandria features brilliant mirror-silver leaves with tiny clouds of sky-blue flowers in the spring float above the foliage as it emerges. Truly a re freshing garden addition with early flowers for the pollinators. Height: 14-17”, Spread: 30” 030789 C1 $14.99 Jack Frost zones 3-8 The leaves of 'Jack Frost' are intricately detailed with a crackle-like finish. Though the leaves are dark green, they have a heavily frosted overlay which allows only the green veining to show through. From mid to late spring, baby blue, forget me-not type blossoms are held in clusters several inches above the shimmering foliage. Height/ Spread: 12-15” 007309 C1 $19.99 Jack of Diamonds zones 3-8 Huge 9-10" leaves overlap dramatically at the base and look circular from a distance. Heavy silver overlay and vivid, wide, dark green veining pattern. Baby blue, forget-me-not type blossoms. Height: 14-16”, Spread: 28-32” 028177 C1 $19.99 Queen of Hearts zones 3-8 Heart-shaped leaves have a silver overlay and a narrow band of dark green veining. Height: 16-18”, Spread: 28-36” 028178 C1 $19.99 An improved 'Jack Frost' with larger heart-shaped leaves with more pronounced variegation. Foliage has greater substance and is more heat tolerant. Panicles of delicate sky-blue flowers provide added color in spring. Height: 14-16”, Spread: 12-24” 020135 C1 $14.99 Silver Heart zones 3-8 Similar to 'Looking Glass' with almost solid silver foliage and narrow green veins. Plants are a bit more vigorous and exhibit greater heat tolerance during the summer. Panicles of sky-blue flowers bloom early spring. Height: 14-16”, Spread: 12-24” 020136 C1 $14.99 Sterling Silver An improvement from 'Looking Glass' with the same stunning silver color and heart-shaped foli age, but with larger leaves (7-8" wide) and larger habit, better leaf quality, and increased heat toler ance. In early spring, multitudes of tiny blue, forget me-not flowers appear above the foliage. Height: 10-14”, Spread: 20-24” 027277 C1 $19.99 Sea Heart zones 3-8

‘Dragonfly™ Sakura’

‘Miss Piggy’



‘Alexander’s Great’


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